I can finally talk about what our big secret is.  We bought a house!  Not your newer modern day house, but a 90+ year old home in the country that has been loved by multiple generations.  Thankfully someone seemed to really care for her so she hasn’t been neglected, but she does need some updates.  I seriously can’t wait to get started!!

Of course now I’m constantly flipping through Pinterest looking for some inspirational home projects, which make me want to run to the local home improvement store.  (Like this one ..  This  is also known as looking for answers from the Magic 8 Ball of pins as to what projects I can or should attempt to tackle.  We all know that Magic 8 Ball never steers us wrong!

So far the only things we have really done is look under & through the house.  OK .. in all honesty I trusted D when he said he looked under it.  I knew that I wasn’t going under there!!  I really did look through the house including the closets & in cabinets & even in the dark creepy back room.  I keep wanting to do things like paint & he’s wanting to do small things like raising the foundation & putting a new roof on. (I’m joking when I say “small”. We knew this needed to be done when we bought it.)  The roof line is not fractured as it appears in the picture.  This is a weird camera angle.  Nonetheless I cannot wait to get started.

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