2 months later ..

We have been the official home owners now for 2 months.  I love having a project house, but there’s a lot to do!  Thankfully I don’t mind the distraction.  The best part is that we have somewhere to disappear to that is ours when we just need to get away from the day to day.  I have to admit it’s a never-ending battle though.

My favorite thing to do still is just to sit on the porch & rock.  That’s it .. Nothing super exciting, but that’s the point.  For me, it’s very restorative.  Who ever thought that just sitting quietly on a porch in the rocking chair could bring so much inner peace?  It’s a good thing I fully appreciate the peace because we still don’t have power.  We really haven’t seen the need to turn it on yet.  On the other hand, we do have running water.  Water is necessity .. Electricity is not.  Well .. until the southern summer heat arrives & then all bets are off.  I’ll be hiding where there is fully functioning air conditioning.

We have mainly spent the last 2 months getting estimates on various things like updating the electricity, a new roof, & foundation work.  It is absolutely amazing at just how much difference there is from one contractor to another on doing the exact same things!!  We have also spent many weekends at estate sales.  See the plant on the front porch in the concrete pot?  I bought that for $15 at an estate sale just because I wanted the concrete planter.  What I didn’t count on though is that the flowers inside were awesome & would survive even me.  I put them on the front porch in February & they’ve managed to live through several freezes.  (I should mention that I killed a cactus so .. yeah. :/)

Porch View

I am including a couple of pictures for visuals, but keep in mind I know we need to spend quality time with the power washer.  We are also saving for a new roof.  We (by we I really mean my hubby, his dad, & his uncle) patched the roof for now.  Thank God they did because major rains just came through last week & no leaks that we could see.

Well .. I think that’s really the only updates for now.  I hope everyone is having a good week!


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